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Credo Audio - Switzerland

Credo Audio of Switzerland

Credo Audio Switzerland is a family business specializing in the development of hand made high end  loud speakers. A small team is responsible for the entire process - from design to programming, milling, final assembly and quality control for more than 40 years. 

North American Distributor 


EMM Labs / Meitner Audio


When Sony needed to transform SACD from an intriguing concept into a sonic reality, they turned to one of the world's leading experts in digital converter design: Ed Meitner. 

Everything from the DSP to the DACs and power systems are all custom designed, coded and manufactured in their facility in Calgary, Canada. 

Distributor: United States East Coast 

van den Hul


Since 1975,  van den Hul has set out on a course to improve the quality of both phono-transfer and the quality of signal transmission. Their diverse product portfolio includes phono cartridges, electronic equipment and a wide range of audio cables. 

North American Distributor of van den Hul Products 

(Audio Cables + Electronics) 

Co-distributing with VPI Industries (Phono cartridges) 

AudioShield Protective Dust Covers

AudioShield Protective Dust Covers

AudioShield supports VPI Industries production turntables with well-engineered acrylic turntable dust covers.

The best way to protect and extend your investment in a VPI turntable is to put a cover on it.